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DAGNY: “Somebody”

By: Honey Mills
May 08, 2020

Dagny has knocked it out of the park once again! Keep reading to see what we thought about “Somebody!”

Norweigan songstress Dagny has been solidifying herself as a Pop Queen for a while now, and her latest release “Somebody” is just another jewel to add to her crown. “Somebody” features Dagny’s signature silky vocals backed by high energy synths and an anthemic chorus. The word ‘catchy’ doesn’t even come close to describing what an earworm this is. Every second of this track is exciting, inspiring, captivating, and dare we say, magical. Dagny is an artist that you will be glad that you listened to, and will keep coming back for more. “Somebody” is without a doubt one of the best pop tracks out there right now, and we know that you will agree. Let us know your thoughts on social media cause we could really talk about this track all day: @gasmaskmagazine.

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