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dae zhen: “2020 Vision”

By: Meech Justice
April 01, 2020

Oh dae zhen is changing the game with his newest release entitled “2020 Vision.” Hey fellas, if you need an anthem for a night out with the guys especially a bachelor’s party…then this is your song. 

Who knew what 2020 had in store? If you had any idea of what was going to happen this year, then why didn’t you warn us?!? Well, dae zhen is doing the exact opposite on his latest single. If the boys of the hit MTV show Jersey Shore had a theme song, this could have been it. Too bad dae zhen just released it and it’s titled for a future date. Nonetheless, this is a song that celebrates making mistakes, but not giving a f**k. We love the carelessness attitude it invokes inside of us. “Stop trying to bring sand to a shore” he sings during the chorus, because he thinks love is a “crap chute.” So just stop overthinking and let go. “2020 Vision” might be the “asshole” anthem of the year, shoot maybe even the decade. Those aren’t our words, they’re his. Listen to his lyrically embellishing and taunting jam below to see if you agree with his sentiment. Then, tell us what you think of it on social media: @gasmaskmagazine.

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