Tasha Hillman is a young Indie singer and songwriter born and raised in Kelowna, BC. She has always been involved in performing arts with dance her whole life. Though music has always been on her mind. The ability to capture a story in art is so beautiful.

She discovered her passion for writing music when she was 16. Since then she has been cultivating songs daily about her experiences on this planet. One of her deepest moments of pain she turned into a song and knew in that moment she had to pursue this journey. Life throws us a lot of pain we don’t always know how to handle.

Songwriting and music has been this healing process that has helped me navigate the hardest parts of life. In every moment of pain and sadness I think we can still find beauty and hope.

The songs I am writing hopefully will give that hope to people when they need it most. I want to remind everyone we are all connected and never alone. I want people to find pockets of sunshine when it feels like the rain will never stop. This world can feel too big but sometimes it feels too small and a single moment can change our reality.