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Crush Club: “Believer”

By: Eric Reyes
May 14, 2021

GIIIIIIIRL! GIRL! I’m sold, end of review.

I wish laughter wasn’t so awkward to read, because this track had me laughing and dancing and smiling as I listened to it. Even describing that felt awkward, but I don’t care.

Crush Club kicks down the goddamn door with their absolute jam ‘Believer.

The vibe hits immediately, like hard, like in your face. While the beat is core to this track, it would be nothing without it, the vocals really do a lot to make this track what it is. A bit of funk, a lot of house, and like a smidge of disco. A retro sound, a child of the past here in the present. The vocals have so much spice and flavor, rich in its tone and variety. Slipping from behind the mike bravado to smoky between the sheets sighs, and then right the hell back.

The mix is just, *Chef Kiss* delicious, perfect. Big and brassy where it needs to be, restrained and sultry elsewhere. It is patient, it is varied, but it always comes right back to the height of ecstasy.

Often I’ll describe a song as being able to make you move. This song doesn’t make you move, it reawakens the natural impulse of your ass to boogie, your hips to sway, your head to pop. It’s an impulse you cannot, will not, deny. If you’re shy about dancing, put this on and everyone will be moving, and you can just join in your own awkward way. If dancing is in your heart, slap this on and grab that awkward guy/gal/goblin that can’t dance and make them a ‘Believer.’

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