Cross Parallel:  “We Can’t Lose”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
October 08, 2021

“We Can’t Lose” is the title of Cross Parallel’s new song but can also be a statement for how good the song is. 

The track is about how the strong connection and love between two people in a relationship can overcome anything.  Even though odds may be stacked against them, if they stick together, they can be successful.   

The charming vocals and beautiful harmonies bring the lyrics to life.  You can feel the love emanating between singers Jordan Pritchett and Danielle Marie, who are also a couple.  The sentiments of the country track, along with the sweet vocals are the perfect recipe for a wedding song.  The Canadian duo wrote “We Can’t Lose” a few years ago with Aaron Goodvin.  However, the song was only released and just hit Canadian country radio. 

Cross Parallel plan on releasing an album by the end of the year / beginning of 2022. 

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