Crème: “Above Ground” (Texas Drew Remix)

By: Blaire Cache
February 7, 2019

Need a little chillstep to get you grooving for your 2019 goals? Creme has got you covered! Check out our thoughts on “Above Ground” here!

Happy Valentines, Gas Maskers! We love February in the office ‘cause new year and lovely new music. We have just the artist to get you moving in the right direction for 2019. Soundcloud superstar Creme is killing the game right now, and we are loving Creme’s newest release “Above Ground (Texas Drew Remix)”. “Above Ground” is an abundant sea of synthpop dreams with transient harmonies, luscious builds, and wavy beats. All of these elements truly make this track the total chillstep package. We love the vibe of this track and we can’t get enough of the lyrics. With a killer sound and positivity oozing out of every musical pore, this is the perfect track to get your new year off the way that you deserve it to be.

You can check out “Above Ground” and more amazing tunes by Creme below on her Spotify! What did you think about “Above Ground”? Let us know on social media @GasMaskMagazine and check out more of our reviews on the best music around!