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Courtney Paige Nelson: “ANDY”

By: Eric Reyes
March 16, 2021

San Franciscan original Courtney Paige Nelson continues her string of trendsetting performances with the effortlessly smooth track ANDY.

There is a lot of care taken to establish the narrative tone early, and it pays off. Typically, I find a lot of Pop tracks working to justify every second, either with well-formulated beats that do all the work or spritely, but soulless, wordplay that really is flat and unimaginative. ANDY holds up through the vocal character of Courtney Paige Nelson, a long-legged stride across the airwaves that never overstimulates, but also irresistibly pulls you along.

Like tendrils of smoke coming off of a cigarette left to burn to nothing on a windowsill, the beat creeps along, slowly yet surely.

Courtney Paige Nelson’s vocal performance is what really caught my attention. While I’m sure she has greater ability and range, this song wasn’t lacking in style, in considered artistic choices. The energy of the piece was right for every element. Not defeated, or tired, or even apathetic. Really, just here. Them’s the breaks. A musical shrug and nod towards tomorrow.

‘Fuck You, I’m Moving On.’

‘Nuff said, as my generation would say.

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