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ConKi x Mark Wilkinson: “I’m On Fire”

By: Cody Fletcher
March 23, 2020

ConKi and Mark Wilkinson have teamed up for their new track, “I’m On Fire!” Listen below, Gas Maskers.

The premise of this song starts out like a boring joke from a family party. “A house DJ from Poland and soft singing Australian walk into a recording booth…” The Single “I’m on Fire” by ConKi and Mark Wilkinson is the punchline and the golden love child of these two artists. ConKi weaves an intoxicating mix of acoustic elements that movie like pulsing house music grab you by the hand and drag into you the middle of the rapid-fire crooning of Mark Wilkinson that swallows you up in the swelling chorus. The juxtaposition of drifting melody and rapid fire beat driven sections invokes a sense of wonder. Mark’s soulful voice adds a touch of intimacy in the quieter moments. ConKi’s fast paced, energetic mix will leave you refreshed but not overloaded. Mark Wilkinson is available for bookings at this website

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