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Conan Gray: “Wish You Were Sober”

By: Eric Reyes
March 27, 2020

They say that kids these days grow up earlier and earlier. Either they experience tragedies their parents were sheltered from or the culture itself pushes them to say and do things years ahead of time. 

In the case of Conan Gray, it’s more a matter of expression and self-awareness. In his newest track, “Wish You Were Sober” the 21-year-old singer/songwriter delivers an intoxicating experience of the anxious, curious introspection of someone coming of age. The Music Video, released in mid-March of this year, is an eclectically brilliant visualization of the well-written lyrical content of Gray’s work. Grey puts his unique physical appeal and flowing black hair to work, at once vulnerably young and drunkenly, effortlessly bold, he embodies both the words of the song and the vibe of the video. 

From teen vlogger heartthrob to a promising artist sharing the stage with genre and era defining artists like Panic At The Disco, Gray has shown he can hold his own as a performer. With an artist who is no stranger to growing up too soon and the trials and difficulties of youth, we can’t wait to see what he continues to produce as his experience, talent and passion grow. 

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