Collin Russell Mullins: “All In Your Headโ€

By: Blaire Cache
November 15, 2018

Who doesnโ€™t love a good song stuck in their head? Donโ€™t worry, Collin Russell Mullins has just the thing for you! Listen to his latest below.

Singer/songwriter Collin Russell Mullins has released a new track, โ€œAll In Your Head,โ€ and what a fitting title because this song is truly all in our heads! Mullinsโ€™ latest release is layered in electric guitars, a bluesy indie rock vocal, and sunny vibes. Mullinsโ€™ voice and lyrical quality are truly giving us a warm and vibrant feeling on the soundscape too; itโ€™s hard to put down. This well-crafted-song is everything you need for all of your musical moments in life. Whether it be cruising in your car or getting ready for a night out; โ€œAll In Your Headโ€ will definitely be a staple in your playlist. Purchase โ€œAll In Your Headโ€ right here, or stream it below!

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