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Codeko: “Bad At Being Alone”

By: Eric Reyes
May 28, 2020

peak softly and drop a heavy mix. This is the approach artist Codeko took when creating the Chillstep EDM track “Bad At Being Alone.”

As is typical of the genre, the scant vocals here are not the star of the show. Existing as another musical element among many, the vulnerable-sounding voice gives us a human anchor point amidst the sparkling, crisp digital music soundscape. The tempo rises and rises, like being thrust up through the clouds as the suns sets, staining everything russet. You can close your eyes and feel the rush of wind by your ears, the thrill and pinprick of your rapid ascension. Your heart pounds in your ears, but you’re not afraid, you’re warmed from within, as though the deepening reds of the clouds around you have saturated you as well. 

Then, you’re back on earth, peaceful, the starry sky looking down on you. A hand reaches out and squeezes yours, and you’re glad, because after all, you’re “Bad At Being Alone.” Stream it below, and tell us what you think of it on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine.

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