Coco: “With You”

By: Fay Rose
July 23, 2021

β€œWith You” is a lively new dance song from UK singer Coco.

Electronic dance music seems to be on the rise once again and β€œWith You” is another strong entry into this genre. The song has a catchy beat with an enthusiastic flare. Coco’s popstar vocals shine on here as well.

Every song features that great standout element that makes you take notice. For β€œWith You,” by far it is when the chorus hits and the song is thrust into high gear. This is when you really want to start moving your body to the amped up rhythm blasting beside a high-speed rant of lyrics. I just wanted to take out the chorus and put that on continuous repeat all by itself.

Go ahead, put this track on and dance the night away.

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