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Cobe Jones: “All In”

By: Blaire Cache
February 7, 2019

Cobe Jones is SLAYING the game right now and we got a peek at his newest jam, “All In.” Check out what we thought below.

Artist + Producer Cobe Jones has been all over the internet in the last year. Having released a new track roughly every few weeks since last Spring, Jones continues to push himself to create great music. His latest single, “All In” certainly fits the bill and more of someone who has been putting in work! Exuding chill vibes and crisp deliveries, “All In” is the hip hop track that you’ve been waiting for. Whether you’re looking for something to do a smooth little two-step to or something to zone out on your morning commute to work, “All In” is sure to be your new jam. Purchase your copy here!

Check out “All In” and more work by Cobe Jones here! Be sure to head to social media @GasMaskMagazine and let us know what you think!