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CloutBoi TJ ft. Lil Quill : “Bang”

By: Eric Reyes
March 02, 2021

CloutBoi TJ wastes no time letting us know just what he’s about. Starting off strong, blow after blow, never letting up, pushing forward with the unrelenting beat, there’s an indefatigable bite to his style.

He comes in hard, touting his virility, his strength, his pull, his clout, and there’s no ring of the shallowconvincing many artists of the genre trade in. Joined by the confident, almost mocking rhymes of Lil Quill, the lyrical onslaught gives us no respite. At home in a slick ‘rags to riches’ montage or blaring fromyour speakers to let everyone in ear shot know just who they’re dealing with, this track has a grit that is undeniable.

 There is a really clever effect in the mix, with the looping, almost regal brass accompaniment drawing out a feeling of old school boxing promos. A fighting spirit. Old fashioned, loud, showy, angry, unafraid. Triumphant.

Definitely an act to watch.

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