Cliff Lynch: “Don’t Know Me”

By: Lila Davis
April 23, 2019

UK artist Cliff Lynch is a truly mesmerizing artist. In the midst of touring all over Europe with other projects or writing for many artists, Lynch has found his own voice while working solo. His first single “Don’t Know Me” is a beautiful piece full of moody vocals, meditative musical components, and effective transitions. “Don’t Know Me” has a plush soundscape that you can feel down to the deepest part of your bones. We love how each verse of the song sounds like its own piece but perfectly melts into one, gorgeous song.  We’ve found ourselves lost in this track all day and don’t think we’re going to be looking for our way out, but we humbly invite you to come join us! Check out “Don’t Know Me” right here and be sure to let us know what you think on social media @gasmaskmagazine

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