Clide x Young Saab: “Fake Love”

By: Fay Rose
August 14, 2021

An interesting collaboration between international singer-songwriter, Clide and newly-formed group Young Saab, gives life to a cool new song titled “Fake Love.”

Synth-pop pared with an indie-chill vibe creates the attention-grabbing song that is “Fake Love.” Twenty-one year old musician Clide contributes his smooth, melodic vocals and sincere songwriting expertise to the mix. Clide writes songs about love that are emotional, relatable and honest. He sings with a maturity and unique style all his own. Young Saab, a Brooklyn-based duo founded by childhood friends Jon Sandler and Eric Zeiler, produces the synthesized backdrop of bass hooks, rhythmic tempo and vocal effects. The finished product is a track that sounds fresh and energetic.

Take a listen to “Fake Love,” streaming now. Clide’s new EP titled Feelings, is set to be released in late summer 2021.

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