Cimo Fränkel: “Stay the Night”

By: Jared Free
August 09, 2019

Crooner Cimo Frankel comes out with a summery bop on “Stay the Night.” Check it out below, Gas Maskers!

We’re big fans of Cimo Frankel’s downtempo R&B style, but he shows a new kind of charm on “Stay the Night.” The beat is trippy and active, coming close to a reggae feel that’s hard to turn off. After listening to this song several times in a row, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s actually impossible to listen to this song without moving or grooving in your seat. But of course, it’s not the beat that does the heavy lifting here. The main attraction is still Frankel’s agile, velvety voice. He shows off staccato in the chorus, slowed down crooning in the prechorus, and still shows off his gorgeous falsetto. Check out “Stay the Night” below!

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