Cimo Fränkel: “Dance Till Dawn”

By: Jared Free
July 22, 2019

Cimo Fränkel is our new favorite crooner — check out his latest cut, “Dance till Dawn” below. You know you want to.

I cannot stop playing “Dance till Dawn” in the Gas Mask HQ this week. It serves everything that I’ve been missing in music lately. With wistful lyrics, soulful mid-2000s RnB vocals, and a finger snapping beat, I bet you won’t be able to either. Fränkel’s voice narrates his memories of a love that has gone, but still exists in his dreams… at least until dawn. A simple but evocative guitar sample paired with a throwback beat gives the song some vintage flavor, but what really carries this one comes back to Fränkel’s honey-like voice. Equal parts vibey and melancholic, he plays the lonely lover to a perfect T.

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