Christy Lynn Band: “In The Bar Again”

By: Eric Reyes
April 15, 2020

Coming from a rural Southern Californian farming town myself, I was absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to support a fellow kid from the country with this review. Hailing from the dusty mountainside town of Anza off California 371, native Californian Christy Lynn delivers a charming and soulful performance in her newest single, β€œIn The Bar Again.”

Her gruff and twangy singing voice grips you early and keeps a firm hold on you throughout. Backed by classic country instrumentals of fiddle, guitar, tambourine and a restrained drum set, this track grabs you by the arm and spins you on the sawdust-covered dancefloor. With country music, as with all modern genres, the influences of pop can water down many artists trying to leave their mark on a saturated market. Here, you are given a straightforward ditty, a jigger or two of stiff musical bourbon; bold, unassuming, distinct in its character and flavor.

This song brought back memories of the beat-up juke box at the local VFW, the dark dance floor of the billiards, of the traditional β€˜cattle call’ and rodeo, of fresh Stetsons and well-loved palm-straw hats. We can’t all be blessed with the grit and sun of a rural Southern California upbringing, but this track can bring you close without getting your hundred-dollar shoes and designer jeans dirty.

Listen up, saddle up, and be sure to follow this stunner of an act, as Christy Lynn Band is on track to release their first full-length album. Drop us a line and tell us what you think of this tune on social media today: @gasmakmagazine.

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