ChrisLee: “Flight Risk”

By: Eric Reyes
April 16, 2021

ChrisLee wields his voice as effectively as the hauntingly beautiful mix backing him. ‘β€œFlight Risk” is playful without being absurd, keeping an even keel throughout.

Playing with his pace here and there, the song reminds me of a coin at the apex on its rotation on the rim, sustained indefinitely. Ringing out bright and true, intoning everything it’s made of and the tonality of its surroundings, the track doesn’t put on airs, doesn’t exceed the bounds of the performance.

The honest, unabashed sentiment here is wonderful. It gives that feeling of abandon we all try and sustain through he mundanity of our daily lives. A flight of fancy, or a literal flight from our lives, or the mire of what our lives currently comprise. Latching onto tan emotion, the spark of that emotion, the focus of our attention and aspirations, a person driving us to be better, be wild.

Delightful, don’t miss out on this charming and bright track today.

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