Chris Kläfford: “What Happened To Us”

By: Sydney Cooper
June 12, 2018

We knew that when Swedish Idol winner Chris Kläfford’s new single dropped it would be big. However, we did not anticipate just HOW BLOWN AWAY we’d be. Listen below!

If you are unfamiliar, Chris Kläfford is the winner of the 13th season of Swedish Idol, which aired last year. “What Happened To Us” is his first single release since 2017’s “Treading Water”. “What Happened To Us” is a highly emotional and driven piece concocted with powerful vocals, cinematic instrumentation and moody tones. The drums suck you into the music and inspire you to dive head first into this vast soundscape. Kläfford’s unequivocal singing ability makes it clear that he not only deserved to win Swedish Idol, but that he will surely win the world over as well. Purchase your copy on iTunes today!

We’re adding “What Happened To Us” to our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist this week. Always check back as we constantly update it with our favorite tunes from up-and-coming artist from around the glob.

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