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Chloe Lilac: “10 Things”

By: Fay Rose
September 06, 2021

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Chloe Lilac is out with the new Indie-pop track, “10 Things,” a lively best friend breakup song. So “10 Things” is basically shortened for the 10 things I hate about you, with ‘you’ being your ex-bestie.

The energetic 18-year old crafts songs that speak to the youth of her generation, filled with loquacious lyrics and rambunctious teen spirit. No better example of her alternative songwriting style than on “10 Things.” The crisp vocals exude the cruel scorn of a former BFF. The consistent drumbeat, and rhythmic flow keep the vibe upbeat amidst the drama.

Chloe Lilac has a large social media following and two previously released EPs, 2020’s Douchebag and 2019’s Manic Pixie Dream.  

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