Gas Mask Magazine

Chlo Subia: “TIRED”

By: Travis Ram
March 10, 2018

It takes a considerable amount of strength to admit that you are tired in any facet of your life, but it takes a special kind of humility to admit when your soul is tired. Keep reading, Gas Maskers.

Los Angeles Artist, Chlo Subia presents a tender and vulnerable track about the weariness of a tired soul. Although the road to recovery is long, there is a light, and it will find you. Through heart wrenching vocals and dramatic piano instrumental, Subia truly takes us all to a sore point in our lives where being tired is not a choice, it is the seemingly inescapable reality. β€œTired” is truly the anthem of every wish that has never come true, every self doubt, and every β€œone who got away.” But Subia reminds us that every wound truly makes us stronger, and everything in life is a lesson.

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