Chel: “View From Down There”

15. April 2021 | Autor: Eric Reyes

Chel cooed and cried her way into my heart. Jebus. Her voice is the heavyweight champ of this piece, pushing aside the cleverly simplistic mix and taking center stage early.

The subtle build of her performance is what will draw you in. I don’t know if operatic is the right word, but it definitely plays out more like an aside, a musical monologue that addresses some unseen ne’er-do-well. It’s sultry and seductive, and I got chills listening to it over, and over and over.

And over.

Really it took a few listens before I got to the meat of the track’s content.

There is an attentive obsession that really spoke to me. Someone addressing someone else who isn’t paying the due homage. Laying bare the insults, the slights, visited unjustly to someone so obviously deserving of attention, affection, obsession.

It’s so chillingly sexy. It got under my skin. It felt like when you take a drag from a cigarette, or a tobacco pipe, and let the smoke snake and coil down your arm. I felt every syllable.

You will too.