Chasing Deer: “Another World”

By: Travis Ram
April 28, 2018

Chasing Deer took us to another world. Listen to their latest tune below!

Gas Mask was so fortunate to receive an exclusive listen to β€œAnother World” by Chasing Deer, dropping everywhere on the 27th! This new track by the UK four piece has quickly become an office favorite. β€œAnother World” graciously gives a lush soundscape of juicy synths, glittery drums, and celestial beats. With a Bowie like vocal quality and a sound remnant of 80s glam rock, this track nods to the greats of the genre, while adding a modern Chasing Deer stamp on it. As a bonus, the artwork released with the track was crafted to bring support and awareness to the British deaf community and we are all about art with heart. Purchase your copy of “Another World” on iTunes today. Now available!

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