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Charlotte Rose Marie: “Honest”

By: Fay Rose
August 28, 2021

Charlotte Rose Marie’s new faith-based single “Honest” is an unusual hybrid of sex and religion that will reel you in from the first verse.

I’ll be honest here (no pun intended), with Charlotte Rose Marie’s sultry vocals and provocative lyrics of burning desire and physical touch, it took me a minute to realize that this was not a discussion with a lover about sexual needs but instead a conversation with God on the difficulty of abstinence. So, the song is a very honest depiction of the struggle one faces when making the decision to choose abstinence until marriage. As the lyrics suggest, especially difficult after having had an experience of physical love.

Charlotte Rose Marie is a contemporary Christian artist who wants to bring real and raw music back into the industry. As her Facebook profile states, Charlotte is “a Christ follower, songwriter, recording artist, dreamer and…just a British gal who loves tea!”

In the same vein as Lauren Daigle, I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from Charlotte Rose Marie as she merges her strong Christian faith with mainstream pop.

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