Charles Keyes: “Wild Oneβ€œ

By: Tiare Pito
October 23, 2021

Charles Keyes has just released a new single- β€˜Wild One’- and we are hooked! With its cruisy vibe and upbeat rhythm, there is no doubt that this song will put a smile on your face!

Telling the story of a hard hitting romance, Keyes delivers a sweet, heart touching account in a fun and carefree manner. Even though it has not been long since meeting his β€˜Wild One’, Keyes goes with the flow and embraces what he feels. He speaks of how he wishes to be wild just like his newfound interest, and the admiration in his lyrics is moving. It brings light to the narrative of living your life, optimistic and without fear. That you need to let go and enjoy the moment, lest you let your life go to waste. Coupled with his open, husky vocals and sweet guitar playing, this acoustic anthem is sure to bring a good vibe and positive atmosphere even on the worst of days! 

With such an easy-going, likeable tone, we know that this song will be a regular on our playlists. We can’t wait for more from Charles Keyes!

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