Chantmagick: “You Decide To Be Alive”

By: Blaire Cache
February 7, 2019

The world needs some Chantmagick right now. Check out our review of “You Decide To Be Alive” below!

We’re convinced that Chantmagick got her name because she is truly a magical artist. Natural grooves, ethereal harmonies and a wash of clean air are a few ways that we can describe, “You Decide To Be Alive”, but it is hard to describe a song that is so big in words (that feel so small). Remnant of Tracy Chapman, Fleet Foxes, and The Flaming Lips, this is truly a special artist who is giving indie folk music the credit that it deserves. We love the swaying auras and whimsical breaths that flow through “You Decide To Be Alive”. At under two minutes and thirty seconds, this song says everything in a perfect way.

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