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Chantelle Barry: “Right Now”

By: Travis Ram
April 25, 2018

Australian artist Chantelle Barry will be all that you can think of with her newest hit “Not Here.” Keep reading!

Chantelle Barry is no stranger to stardom. Having had many guest star and recurring roles in television and film as well as being an active singer in the early 2000s, this Perth beauty is making a musical comeback! Barry’s newest single “Not Here” is an indie pop ballad filled with girl power and pizzazz. It’’s difficult to pick out a favorite element of this track because they are all so top notch. The track is catchy and vibrant. From the hip, cool grooves to Barry’s superstar vocal quality, “Not Here” is everything you need for your spring time playlist. You will press play once, and it will not be your last. Purchase your copy on iTunes today!

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