Chanel & the Circus:  “Impossible Standards”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
November 02, 2021

Chanel Samson admits that she has “Impossible Standards” in her latest single with the Circus. 

The track has an interesting dichotomy.  The upbeat song makes the frustrating idea of having a hard time finding a significant other, sound happy.  Samson expresses that it’s a lot easier to be her friend than her lover.  Despite the lyrics, the rest of the song is cheerful.  The music, combined with Samson’s vocal tone, bring an added sense of joy to the track.

Samson explained the writing process for “Impossible Standards” to Under the Radar saying, “I broke up with someone at the start of quarantine and blamed myself for having impossible standards, only later did I realize I was freaking out about the idea of a relationship, rather than the person. Naturally, I wrote an extremely upbeat song about it, warning people to stay friends with me or I may shoot them dead in the heart.”  She added, “I’ve been working through my attachment issues since.”

“Impossible Standards” is a track off of Chanel & the Circus’ upcoming EP, Wake Up, which is set to drop on Nov. 16

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