Catherine McGrath: “Lost In The Middle”

By: Sydney Cooper
July 14, 2018

Catherine McGrath is bringing all of her worlds to life in her newest track β€œLost In The Middle”. Check it out below!

There are so many things about Catherine McGrath that make her a unique artist. She is a 19 year old singer from Ireland who performs american country music in a more popcountry kind of tone. Her newest track β€œLost In The MIddle” dropped in mid June and is already receiving massive acclaim and positive feedback. β€œLost In The Middle” is all about the love of country music and how it can cure any bad situation you might be in. We love the positivity and the bright vibes on this track. McGrath’s sparkly voice feels like a warm hug and we find ourselves wanting to be wrapped up deeper in it every time we listen to it. We have no doubt that she has a long career in country ahead of her, and we look forward to watching her grow as an artist along the way! Stream the track below or on Spotify here.

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