Cat Calabrese:Β  “Mine”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
January 20, 2022

Cat Calabrese is expressing herself in her new single, “Mine.” 

The pop song is a cry for affection.  The track showcases truth and vulnerability in both the lyrics and vocals.  While the music sets the tone, Calabrese’s honest vocals convey the emptiness she feels from her potential partner’s unrequited love.  Her connection to the song can be heard in her voice. 

She explained in a Facebook post that she “wrote this song in 2018 about someone who at the time i (sic) wanted to be with more than anything. in many ways, i’m a completely different person than back then. but these lyrics resonate with me more today than ever and the old and new versions of myself merge right here and now.”  Calabrese is not afraid to put her heart on the line and hopes that “Mine” will incite similar reactions for those that listen.   She added, “let’s stop being afraid of our own feelings.  (sic) let’s tell the ones we want that we want them. i hope with my whole heart that this song motivates you to do just that. i dare you take a chance and do what most can’t. are you brave enough?”

The Cleveland, OH singer – songwriter co-wrote “Mine” with Tim Moon and Brandon M. Edmond.  The track was produced by DJ London Bridges.

“Mine” is Calabrese’s seventh single since making her debut last March with her song “Quicksand.”

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