Casey Derhak ft. Morgan Myles: “Airplanes”

By: Blair Cache
April 23, 2019

Casey Derhak is soaring our hearts to new heights with his latest release, “Airplanes!” Keep reading to hear our thoughts.

It would not surprise us if you have dreamed at one point in your life of a partner writing a song about you. (A few of us here are absolutely guilty as charged!) That’s exactly what Nashville artist Casey Derhak has done with his newest track “Airplanes.” “Airplanes” is a chill and compelling electro pop track that recounts the tale of Casey meeting his real life wife for the first time in an airport. This tune clearly comes from a place of authenticity and the love shines through in every pore of the song. We love Derhak’s interesting vocal delivery as he sweetly serenades with the help of some laid back yet effective beats. Whenever you’re not crying over how wonderful the sentiment is of this track, you’ll be falling in love with Casey Derhak (and his love!) every time you hit play! You can check out “Airplanes”below, and be sure to let us know what you think!

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