Carolyn Marie: “We Could Be Together”

By: Ico Beltran
November 20, 2020

With the arrival of autumn’s chill weather, it’s hard to cope with the summer now long gone. Carolyn Marie makes it easier for us with lyrics of crimson sunsets, late-night drives, and bright nights of fireworks and stars. In her music video for “We Could Be Together,” Marie skips along scenic areas of green leaves and fine sand, radiating a bright personality through her joyous singing. In her statements of togetherness—“I believe in you and me” and “We could be together”—she is hopeful for an eventual return to the people that she loves. In conjunction with these lyrics, the visuals of Marie kissing a man and dancing on the beach remind us of the love and joy that still exist in the midst of 2020.

Alongside her many other great singles and her debut LP, Carolyn Marie (2018), Marie has already garnered success in countries outside of the United States by topping the charts in Japan and Korea. She has also featured in prominent media outlets such as J-14 Magazine, Popdust, California Music Channel, and more.

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