Carly Lind: “Crying In Public”

By: Eric Reyes
May 25, 2021

Drawing from the well of emotional strife that was her life until fairly recently, Carly Lind delivers a stellar performance in her latest release, β€˜Crying in Public.’

Despite the track’s title, the lyrics speak more to the release, the curative effect of crying, of letting it all out. A release valve, a reset button. Just a part of life, nothing to get all worked up about, mind your business. It’s about not letting that sadness define or derail you. It’s okay to be sad, to cry, but that’s not all there is to life, no matter how much life makes you want to cry.

Her vocal performance here is sure to turn some heads. She has a high register, with a bit of a nasal tone to it, but this is just the baseline of her ability. As the song goes on and she gathers up steam, she goes from a soft near-whisper to a wonderfully bright battle cry that shows her vocal versatility. You can feel every ounce of what got her here, the talent and drive, yes, but also the pain and the trauma. I’ve touched on it with other artists, but Carly Lind has solid skills in her speaking skills as well. While it’s a stylistic choice to lose words and their oral shape in a performance for the sake of the performance, I understood her throughout the track. It really allowed me to take in the bridge verses and drive home the message.

So yes, she’ll cry, but then she’ll fix her eyes, and move on.

And so should you.

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