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CAPPA: “Tension”

By: Sydney Cooper
June 8, 2018

Tension has been rising in anticipation of CAPPA’s newest release! Keep reading to see what we thought of this hot new track track!

Tennessee Pop Queen CAPPA is full of sparkle and spunk, and her newest release “Tension” is bursting with just as much personality. Composed of various bubblegum pops, whistles, and quirky electro grooves, “Tension” is about the pressure that results from unaddressed feelings; the breaking point in which you want to look at someone and ask “what the heck is happening!?”

“Tension” is infectiously mesmerizing. CAPPA’s musical sensibilities are truly magical and allow her music to shine in a way that is very uniquely her own. The bright sounds and sultry vocal quality contrast perfectly to create a light and airy piece that is somehow still stuffed with mood. It has a carefree tone to it, yet somehow still feels the intensity of the story it is telling. “Tension” oozes the vibes that we can’t put down this week! Purchase your copy on iTunes today.

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