Caly Bevier: “See You Now”

By: James Brookes
February 16, 2020

Brace yourselves for the best heartbreak of your life, Gas Maskers. Caly Bevier brings on the feels with her new jam “See You Now.”

“See You Now” is the new chill/electro vibe from Caly Bevier that you’re going to love.The lyrics, “Even though I’m dancing here with your ghost, you’re still the one I’ve been needing the most” pretty much sum up this romantic angst. It’s hard when you lose your best friend, your partner in crime, and like Bevier says, we always hurt the most when it’s 3 AM and in a state that’s very lonely. The soundscape on this tune holds a r&b-esque hook with glittering synths and heavy hitting chops. Lucky for you, we’ve already added it to our Gas Mask Favorites on Spotify. Stream the track there OR listen below. You’re going to love it, Gas Maskers.

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