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CADE: “Better Off Alone”

By: Honey Mills
November 06, 2019

CADE has a new track that will hit you where it hurts! Click here to see what we thought of “Better Off Alone” below.

CADE has released a chilling new track that is the epitome of #relatable. “Better Off Alone” is a bright, chill EDM track that has truly emotional lyrical content. CADE’s vocal quality is almost primal as he authentically describes that raw, delicate space that lies somewhere between coping and thinking you’re coping with a breakup. We hate the way that CADE must have felt when he crafted this song, but even though this song is about loneliness, there is always solace in knowing that others have been in your shoes. While none of us like these kind of feels, CADE has shown that his raw honesty is truly a forced to be reckoned with, as it creates beautiful art like “Better Off Alone.”

Stream “Better Off Alone” below, and be sure to keep checking back for more of the best music out there! Tell us what you love best about this new track on the gram or twitter at: @gasmaskmagazine. Until next time, keep rocking out, Gas Maskers!