Brothers Page: “The Light”

By: Jared Free
July 14, 2019

You can’t replicate the harmony between family, which the Brothers Page prove on “The Light.” Check it out below!

“The Light” from guitar crooners and YouTube cover kings, Brothers Page, perfectly capture the devotion you feel when falling in love. The brother’s voices weave together with incredible chemistry. The track opens on two guitars before they give us one of the best hooks of the summer that’s sure to be stuck in your head before the song’s over. The breakdown that comes a little bit after the two-minute mark is a revelatory fracturing of their voices and instruments, before it builds back together into an emotive bridge that slows down to half tempo. The brothers’ wistful voices call out to their lover. Once you’re back into the outro’s slow guitar picking, you’ll definitely want to hit play again.

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