Brooke Turner: “Why”

By: Eric Reyes
July 08, 2021

Luxurious. In appearance and in sound.

Brooke Turner’s voice is buttery smooth, here feeling the chilled-out vibe of the track overall. It is light, soft, and wonderfully resonant. Her voice washes over you in rolling waves, like someone tracing the tip of their finger along your skin, just enough contact to raise your hairs and send chills down your spine. There is a seductive undercurrent here, something drawing you in and lowering your defenses, untensing your shoulders, maybe even enticing you to close your eyes, and just listen.

The R&B and Soul sound is strong and distinct. The mix is as smooth as the vocal performance. Laid back and meandering alongside the lyrics, it has its own spirit that melds well with Brooke Turner’s silky performance. This is a track that leans in close and sings to you, only you, and you have no choice but to melt into it.

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