Brock Colley: “No Mascara”

May 14, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Music is universal, but I always saw Country as something that belonged to the US. Its really alarming how naive that view is. Australian artist Brock Colley has been lighting up the Country genre with his own brand of Rock and Pop infused style that really speaks to people.

Brock Colley has a great vocal quality. He has a real feel for the oratory of the genre, affecting the accent and twang to good effect. He isn’t trying to imitate anyone, he’s just trying to be true to the sound, to his sound, and it shows. While he isn’t afraid to flex his ability, that wall-shaking power isn’t the goal, isn’t the aim. It’s about the message, the moment.

The track has a wonderful, bright aura to it, likely improved by the expert mix backing the country-infused instrumentals.  This is a refreshing take that really takes the seemingly at-odds elements of modern country and makes them work. It’s not trading in the usual verbal fodder of most fly-by-night cowboy wannabes. This is a personal, intimate appeal to someone close, at hand and at heart.