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Brit Taylor: “Waking Up Ain’t Easy”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
July 21, 2020

It is said that hard times create great men. I don’t know much about that, speaking as someone constantly knee deep in some kind of hard time, like much of the world. What IS certain, however, is that hard times can create some great music. 

Country newcomer Brit Taylor is the embodiment of this with her new single, “Waking up Ain’t Easy.” Divorce, disillusionment, death of a beloved dog, a broken-down car, it’s like the script for every hard-luck chuck country song you’ve ever heard. But for Brit Taylor, these were the heavy stones she had to roll back uphill to come back on top. 

Channeling the hurt and disbelief into something meaningful, and with the help of award-winning producer Dave Brainard, Brit Taylor has burst out onto the scene with something worthwhile. The twangy cry and buzz of the guitars backing her mournful vocals make this one for those boozy, sad nights at the juke-joint. 

“Waking up Ain’t Easy” sometimes, but if you can get yourself up, and get yourself going, it’ll be another triumph. Tune in to this musical accomplishment today. 

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