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Brian Unger ft. Kianna: “Underwater”

By: Princess Carroll
April 16, 2020

Brian Unger and Kianna take us to the deep end in Underwater!

This new track is upbeat, and Kianna’s vocals are just the touch that make this track top-notch. The lyrics, coupled with Kianna’s performance, use something as exhilarating as deep sea diving to illustrate the beauty of going “all-in” in a relationship. The verse “I’m breathing underwater” takes us deeper, reflecting love’s intoxicating nature. Romance aside, Underwater is still a great single even love is far from your mind! It’s cheery, fun, and great for dancing. 

Underwater is the follow up to Unger’s previous single, Home (With You) featuring Matt Sky. The proud Detroit native is known for his popular tracks such as Fail You featuring Nicole Carino and Another Day. He’s a relatively new artist, but we’re excited to see more from Brian! It’s been a year since Home (With You), about time for a new release. Watch the lyric video for Underwater below, Gas Maskers! Let us know what you think of this tune on social media today: @gasmakmagazine.

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