Bri Fletcher:Β  “Astronaut”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
February 4, 2022

Bri Fletcher is ready to fly high with her new single, “Astronaut.” 

The country/pop track reminisces about life as a child and the beauty of the innocence and naivete.  It’s a stage when everything is a lot less complicated.  A person is able to dream without dealing with the harshness of reality.  A line from the song explains the sentiment perfectly, “Can I go back in time when all I had was to decide…rockstar or astronaut.”  The song also touches on how fast the time goes by as we get older.  With pop culture call outs like “McDonald’s,” “MTV” and “TRL,” a generation of people will easily find the lyrics relatable.  The nostalgia along with the melody and Fletcher’s charming vocals beautifully paint a picture of childhood days.  The Texas native singer-songwriter mentioned on Instagram that she “was inspired by watching old home videos.”

The video depicts what Fletcher is singing about through childhood videos, showcasing her personal connection to the song.  Check out the video for “Astronaut”

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