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Brandon Prinzing & The Old Revival: “Riot On A Sunday”

By: James Brookes
August 17, 2018

Alternative/rock artist Brandon Prinzing is KILLING the game with his new release. Check it out below, Gas Maskers.

We normally lead-in to an article with a bit about the song, but we’re telling you straight up, this track has already been added to our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist this week! Yes, it’s that good. The new release from Brandon Prinzing & The Old Revival is one that is PACKED with a powerful punch of emotion. Titled, “Riot On A Sunday” we hear a great deal of emotional struggle and dichotomy that almost everyone can relate to in regard to a certain point in their life. The vocals drip with a heavy performance that is truly a musical masterpiece. Listen to the track below, and don’t forget to purchase your copy on iTunes today. This is one act you’ll want to keep an eye on, Gas Maskers!

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