Braison Cyrus: “Disappear”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
July 23, 2021

Move over Billy Ray, Miley, Trace and Noah, it’s Braison’s turn in the spotlight. 

With his new single, “Disappear,” Braison Cyrus proves that he’s not just part of a famous, musical family.  He has major talent too.  From the strum of the guitar to the song’s haunting vocals, the track pulls at your heartstrings.  It’s not just the sound that brings the emotion.  It’s the lyrics themselves too. 

With lines like, “Mourn the time we had that just disappeared” and “The morning will come again and I’ll see you old friend,” you get the feeling that this person really meant something to him. 

“Disappear” is the title track off of his upcoming debut album. The song not only showcases his vocals but his songwriting skills too. The 27-year-old wrote the track ten years ago but told American Songwriter that he still has a connection to it. The singer-songwriter is sure to have a lot more inspiration for future songs now. He became the proud father of son Bear last month.

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