Bobby Watson: “I Heard You’re Lonely”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
September 19, 2021

Bobby Watson is ready to make you feel better with his song “I Heard You’re Lonely.” 

On the track, he sings about swooping into a woman’s life to cheer her up after a rough breakup.   She needs to get out of the rut and spend time with someone new who will treat her right and he’s ready to be that person. 

It’s not just the lyrics that are uplifting, the music is too. The feel good song has a cool, catchy, clap-along beat to brighten up any mood.  Watson’s honest, soulful vocals help bring the lyrics to life. 

The Florida born singer spent years traveling, continuing his education and working on his MBA, but through it all, he kept coming back to singing and ended up in Nashville.  He taps into the experiences he’s had over the years with his music.  “I Heard You’re Lonely” is a track of Watson’s four-song EP I Can’t Quit which was produced by Jason Kyle Saetveit.  The track can be heard below:

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