Bo Johnson x Snoop Dogg: “Dogs 4ever”

By: Fay Rose
August 21, 2021

“Dogs 4ever” is a most interesting musical collaboration between singer, songwriter, and music producer Bo Johnson hailing from Sweden and megastar rapper Snoop Dogg.

The worlds of electronic dance music and rap collide, and it couldn’t sound better than it does on “Dogs 4ever.” I just love the pulsating, high-octave beat as it reverberates relentlessly throughout the track. Then there’s the ultra-cool chorus with deep vibrato vocals and more of the energizing rhythm that has you humming along. The sound is outstanding, perfect to blast from your high amp speakers. And of course, Snoop Dogg does his thing by providing the rapping verses. I could do without the explicit language but that comes with the rap territory.

For more Bo Johnson, listen to his new album, The Rise, out now. Earlier this year, Snoop Dogg released his eighteenth studio album, From tha Streets 2 tha Suites.

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