Bloodhype: “Delicate Creature”

By: Eric Reyes
July 21, 2020

Berlin and Indie music. What more need I say? Utilizing the metropolitan influences of that beautiful, chaotic Central European city, Bloodhype creates a sound that is at once recognizable and unique. 

“Delicate Creatures” has a solid core of 80’s throwback pop, infused with the experimental spirit of indie. The vocals here are spritely and confident, relying on the wonderful, warm, bright tones of the lead vocalist. Explosive inflection here works to punctuate the spry instrumentals, cascading here and there wonderfully. The light manipulation and distortion adds to that almost nostalgic spirit, but doesn’t drown the sound in that aesthetic. 

Bloodhype habve sparce releases, but what they do put out into the market are solid hits that can’t be missed. ‘Delicate Creatures’ is one of them, and I can’t wait for the next surprise hit.

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