Blake Morgan:Β  “Baby I Would Want You”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
April 19, 2022

“Baby I Would Want You” to listen to Blake Morgan’s new single. 

It’s a love song without the sappy music.  The pop/rock track has a subtle yet commanding rhythm that captivates from the first note.  The sound gives a cool edge to the otherwise sweet lyrics and sentiments of the song.  Morgan sings that his loved one makes him feel happy and safe, no matter what chaos or disaster is going on around them.  The feeling is encapsulated in the lines β€œCome what may, forever is so much better with you every day.”  Morgan’s vocals are bright and clear, adding a sense of optimism.

The New York City based musician described the track saying, β€œIt’s a song unintentionally fitting for the times we find ourselves in.”  He added, β€œIt’s an β€˜apocalyptic’ love song which declares––in no uncertain terms––that should it all come to an end right now, I’d want to be with you while it does.”

β€œBaby I Would Want You” is a track off of Morgan’s upcoming album entitled Violent Delights which is scheduled to be released on May 3.

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